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SuperPhoto 2.3

Add fun effects to your photos

by Mike Williams

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License: Trial Software
Operating Systems: Android, Windows 10, Windows 8, iPad
Languages: English
Software Cost: $4.99 (Windows)
Date Updated: 16 April 2017
Watchlist: Add download to my watchlist
Downloads To Date: 642
Developer: Moonlighting Apps
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Add fun effects to your photos

SuperPhoto is a fun app which can enhance your photos with more than 300 effects in the free build, 1,500+ if you buy the full version.

There are filters to turn your PC into works of art: Painting, Stencil, Banksy, Pencil Drawing, Stylize, Pastel, Cartoonize, Warhol, more.

The program can frame all or part of your image on a cube, a bubble, in a banknote, on a t-shirt, in a newspaper ad, in a TV, and more.

You can overlay the image with stars, circles, hearts, leaves, petals, sparkles and assorted other shapes.

SuperPhoto has a range of mosaic-type effects. There are types of pixelation, simple mosaics, stained glass effects, filters which split the image into blocks and rotate them in 3D.

There are also the usual colour tints and texture effects, and others which blend several of these together.

Figuring out which effects work for you can take a while. Instead of opening an image and seeing how it might be changed by multiple filters, side-by-side, you must try them out one by one. You soon learn which effects work best so this isn't a big deal, but it's still an irritation.

Once you've finished, the results may be saved as a JPEG. The free version limits these to "medium" resolution. We didn't see any figures on exactly what this means, but we managed to save images of around 1300x700, fine for basic on-screen use.

If export file size is an issue, upgrading enables full HD support and gives you access to 1,200 more effects.

SuperPhoto 2.3
- Community social network.
- New home page.
- Refilter mode.
- Post your pictures to Instagram easily.
- Bugs fixed and improvements.


SuperPhoto is a little awkward to use initially, but you'll figure it out in about 60 seconds, and there are more than enough quality effects and filters to justify the download.

Your Comments & Opinion

Not Free

Posted by: Joseph Scarpinito, 23 March 2017 05:37

This program is not freeware. When I clicked the download link I was taken to a page that wanted me to pay $4.99.

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