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Tablet Hotels 2.0
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Find unique hotels by using the Tablet Hotels app

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Tablet Hotels
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24 January 2018
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If you want to travel and save money, there are many sites you can search through to find a deal. While you can always get a good deal, how do you know you can trust the pages you are using and will the shiny new rooms look less enticing when you check-in at your hotel? We've had scenarios where you book a hotel only to find the photos were taken years ago.

We'd always recommend a site where you can read reliable reviews, from people who have stayed recently, meaning you get a reliable review and up-to-date photos and thoughts about your hotel. One of our recommended sites is Tablet Hotels, and their respective app. Tablet features a global selection of hotels which are professionally reviewed by Tablet employees and then further reviewed by guests who have stayed at the hotel.

The hotels on Tablet are selected for having a great personality, with tonnes of character and quality, but made affordable with Tablet offering some fantastic deals. When you search, you’re shown a list of the most affordable hotels based on their cheapest rate. The Tablet employee reviews are presented first so you can see what to expect before booking.

Each hotel receives a rating out of 20, based on ratings from guests who have stayed there and if the rating drops below 16 (out of 20), the hotel is dropped from the Tablet list. If you’re unsure of where to go the app will show you how you can find somewhere to go. So for instance, if you want a beach hotel in Europe, which is contemporary and offers good food, you can narrow it down based on that.

You can also search based on top 10 lists for many categories, such as romantic, family, or beach hotel. There is also a tonne of useful guides for each destination with recommendations of where to eat, drink shop and to do. You can also get a playlist done by hotels.

Finally, you can get extra benefits by paying (currently $99/year) for the Tablet subscription – Tablet Plus – you get a room upgrade, free gifts, late check out and much more. A real bonus and decent value if you travel a lot and you can test Tablet Plus for 30 days, free of charge, before committing.

What's new in Tablet 2.0?

- One-click access to Hotels Near You, revealing last-minute Tablet-exclusive rates at hotels around your current location
- Offline access to your reservations and hotel information, no matter where you are — on airplane mode, in the subway, or just saving on roaming data.
- Book multiple rooms & room types in a single check-out. Perfect for small groups for business or leisure travel.
- Deals section provides easy access to our weekly exclusive deals, including App-only rates.
- Robust list-making tools called “Staylists” that allow you to make custom lists — perfect for trip planning or frequent traveling where you are only interested in your favorites. The hotels you ‘love’ can also be found here. (APP only) 
- Need some ideas? Our customer service team is happy to create some lists for you and send them straight to your Staylist section. Just let them know. (APP only)
- Plus Members: The app is your guarantee that you’ll get your Plus privileges at check-in, with online access to all the details.
- Plus Members: ID card that gains you access to upcoming social events only offered to Plus Members​


Tablet hotels is a great app, you can get fabulous hotels at a great price and if you travel a lot the travel plus subscription is great.

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