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Google Trips 1.14

Organize your entire trip via Google Trips

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Android, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone
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09 February 2018
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Traveling is definitely not an easy thing, while it sounds glamourous it’s a lot to keep on top of and plan in advance. There are several apps which keep track of your travel info and Google has developed their own, called Trips.

Google Trips is a free app that compiles all your personal travel info (tickets, reservations, etc.) and combines that with top spots to see where you’re going. Trips uses Google's analytics to help you plan your trip based on what you’re interested in and also based on how much time you have in your area. All held within an easy to navigate app, and the info is available offline as well if you download it.

Trips finds and places all your reservations in one location, including tickets, hotels, hostels, so if you click on an upcoming flight it gives you the times plus the terminal and gate if available. It will also keep your confirmation email and link it to the email where Google found it. Once you arrive where you’re going Google Trips offers information on how to get to the city centre by various modes of transportation and gives you the estimate of price for taxis.

Another great feature is the "Things To Do". Again, by compiling user data and reviews the things to do section lists the top things to see in the city and the top things to see near you and gives you personalized recommendations. Based on other information Trips also gets you crowd-based information to give you food recommendations.

Additionally, the Trip app also gives you an itinerary/day plan based on the top things to do and the amount of time you have in the city, and will also categorise this based on your trip such as if you’re travelling with kids, and as you add and remove ideas you like it’ll change the time on your schedule.


Google Trip, is a great app and includes many useful features to help on your trip.

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