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Parkopedia Parking for Android

Quickly find, review and book a local parking space

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08 January 2019
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Apps such as Google Maps have revolutionised how we get to our destination. Better still, the mapping system contains all kinds of local information to make finding a cafe, point of interest and even your car (once you've parked).

However, one area that Google Maps is lacking is detailed parking information. Hire a car and if you do not know the local area, finding a place to park can be a minefield, especially when cities now deploy rates depending on the type of car (emission policies) and to offer residents priority. Google Maps will allow you to search and find parking, but the information is rather limited.

Parkopedia Parking is an app which is focused on becoming the database for parking availability. Simply insert your current area (or allow the app to pinpoint your location) and it will quickly list local parking lots. Better still, you get to see the price differences between parking lots. You can also read over local reviews and find other information about how to pay - whether the lot accepts card or cash-only. If you have a Parkopedia account you can reserve some parking lots in advance to guarantee your space. 

Parkopedia relies on the parking operating to submit their parking lots and control the content, so there are smaller parking spaces missing. You also won't get individuals offering you a parking space which you'd find on JustPark. You also don't get any real-time information, which we'd love to see made available through an app. With digital technology, most owners can now determine the number of free spaces from how many cars enter/leave their parking lot, so why can't this be reflected in an app. Nothing worse than heading to a parking lot to find there are no spaces (this has happened to us a few times in cities such as Miami).

It's also worth noting that as Parkopedia is effectively an encyclopedia of parking information, relying on parking lot owners to submit (and keep updated) their information, one complaint we've seen is that the information isn't always up-to-date so car parking is often more expensive than what is displayed in the app. If there's one thing that Parkopedia could learn from Google Maps is user-reporting - feet on the street - is often the best way to make sure information is always up-to-date.

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- Minor bug fixes


One of the best parking apps available, but we wish they'd try and add more real-time information about each car park, particularly how many spaces are still available. 

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