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Fotosifter 2.6.1

Organise, edit and show off your photos in style

Operating Systems:
Windows 10, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8
Trial Software
Software Cost:
$56.99 (Windows)
Audio, Video & Photo
Date Updated:
08 July 2020
Downloads To Date:
English, Czech, French, German, Spanish
Download Size:
3.30 MB

With just about every mobile phone in existence now equipped with high quality cameras, millions of digital photos are generated on a daily basis. Fotosifter is an app that helps you to manage the huge number of photos you've probably managed to generate.

There are various layers to Fotosifter, but what will initially appeal to most people is the automatic sorting function. You can point the app at a folder filled with images and they will be imported into the gallery. Of course, you can browse through these by flicking back and forth, but you can also sort them by content without having to manually review them.

Face detection means that photos that contain people can be automatically grouped together. More than this, there is also accurate face recognition which can automatically group together all the photos of a particular person. Fotosifter can also group photos according to where they were taken, when they were taken and more – and you can quickly add tags to allow for easy searching at a later date.

While not a fully-fledged photo editor, Fotosifter does include various photo enhancement options. You can rotate images that are on their side, flip the, adjust colour levels, apply vignettes, add filter and more. There is also a handy option to compare before and after images so you can check what improvements you have made.

One of the highlights of Fotosifter is the slideshow creation option. This gives you can impressive way to show off your photo, using transition effects between images, and even adding text, stickers and background music. Slideshows can be exported as videos which can then be easily shared on the likes of Facebook and YouTube, or simply emailed to friends and family. You can have full control over resolution, quality and other settings so you can control the size of the finished video file as you see fit.


For anyone who finds the prospect of working through their photo collection daunting, Fotosifter is a massive help. The phot editing capabilities may not be super powerful, but there's enough here for most tasks. The slideshow creation feature, however, if mightily impressive, giving you a fabulous way to showcase your photos.

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