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Sandboxie Plus 1.13.4 (64-bit)

Run programs in isolation so they cannot affect the rest of your system

Operating Systems:
Windows 10, Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8
David Xanatos
Software Cost:
Date Updated:
25 March 2024
Downloads To Date:
Download Size:
15.00 MB

If you're the sort of person who likes to try out new software, you will be only too aware that it can be a painful affair. While the majority of applications work well and can be trusted, this is not always the case. Sandboxie Plus offers you peace of mind, enabling you to run software in a sandboxed environment so there is no way it can affect the rest of your system, even if it malicious.

Thanks to the fact that the original version of Sandboxie was open sourced, this made it possible for other developer to produce their own forked version the software – and this is precisely what Sandboxie Plus. The most noticeable difference is the fact that interface has undergone a serious update, and for the most part the program works in very much the same way as the original.

The idea is simple. If you encounter a program you are unsure of – or you want to browse the web with the risk of malicious websites infecting your computer – you can use Sandboxie Plus to run just about any software in isolation.

You can tinker about with the main program interface, but you can also use existing shortcuts to launch applications in isolated node – just right click a shortcut and select the option to Run Sandboxed.

Sandboxie Plus addresses various issues with the original software, and the fact that it is undergoing active development means that you can expect to see more features added over time.


Sandboxie Plus may not offer much more in the way of features than the original Sandboxie, but the interface is much more user friendly. In terms of the security and peace of mind that the tool provides, the value is unquestionable. For anyone who want to try out software from unknown sources without putting their computer at risk, it is an absolutely essential piece of kit.

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