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Bezel 1.0

View your iPhone or iPad screen on your Mac in real time.

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Trial Software
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$ (Mac)
System & Desktop Tools
Date Updated:
26 September 2023
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64.70 MB

Ever struggled to show a group of people something on your iPhone or iPad? Looking for an easy way to share what’s on your mobile on a bigger screen? Looking for a way to record the contents of your iPhone or iPad’s screen in video form? Want to do all this from the comfort of your Mac? Then Bezel is the tool you need.

Bezel is a brilliant app that mirrors your iPhone or iPad’s screen on your Mac in real time. It’s slick, fast and the mirrored screen responds instantly. It’s also breathtakingly simple to set up too. Simply launch the app and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac. Then follow the prompts to unlock it, grant Bezel access and wait a few seconds.

The results are stunning. Bezel identifies your exact model of iPhone or iPad and displays its screen inside a frame that mirrors your actual device. Said image also follows your screen orientation, instantly switching from portrait to landscape and back again as you tilt your device. You can resize the screen by clicking and dragging on the edges too, allowing you to fill up your entire desktop or shrink it to make room for other windows.

Unsurprisingly, there’s little in the way of configuration – you can stop its default behaviour of starting at login, ready for device connections, and you can customise the colour of your device frame.

It’s worth installing just for the novelty value, but there’s practical applications too. Bezel’s developers point out you can use the display as part of a video chat to demonstrate something on your mobile or record the screen using suitable Mac screen-recording software (including Apple’s own built-in options, triggered using the Apple + F5 key combo). It’s elegant, simple and works admirably.

The app is fully functional for 30 days, after which it’ll display a watermark until you register. Registering removes the watermark permanently, plus gives you one year’s worth of free updates.


A brilliant tool for showcasing (or recording) what’s happening on your iPhone or iPad via your Mac.

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