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O&O BrowserPrivacy will securely wipe your browsing history

07 August 2019, Chris Wiles

Browse the internet and you’ll build an offline database of all the sites you’ve visited, the type of products that interest you and your hobbies and interests. Ads targetting these interests will track you across various websites.

Most modern web browsers can block trackers and enable you to delve into your browsing history and quickly delete the information from your devices. But, has it really been deleted? Any computer expert would be able to retrieve some of this data if necessary.

O&O BrowserPrivacy is a simple tool that is designed to do one thing well – securely erase your browsing history from your computer (but, note, not your other devices). Including support for Chrome, Firefox and Edge/Internet Explorer (but not Opera or third-party variations of Firefox such as Pale Moon or Avast Secure Browser), you can delete your browsing history, all your downloaded files, stored cookies and other data, your browser cache, passwords and saved form data and even bookmarks.

Securely wipe browser data from Chrome, Firefox or Edge

What O&O BrowserPrivacy does differently is wipe this data multiple times. Once you select what you want to erase, you’re taken to the deletion method where you can choose from “Lowest Security” through to “Highest Security” where your data will be written over 35 times, meaning it’s impossible to recover, even by professionals. Of course, this also means it will take the longest. In our test, selecting Chrome, Firefox and Edge, plus all the options, “Highest Security” would take around 5 minutes to complete.

And that’s about it. O&O BrowserPrivacy is simply about wiping your data, securely. If we’re being brutally honest, we believe BrowserPrivacy ($19.95) should have been either freeware as we’d seriously consider O&O SafeErase Professional ($29.95) which offers far more functionality, erasing your browser data, plus files and folders, Windows data and even an entire hard drive, which is essential for changing to a new computer.

The other downside of O&O BrowserPrivacy is that it is Windows only, so will only erase your data from your PC. But this means you’re left handling the other devices manually and even then it will remain online in your Google account, in the cloud. Is that personal browsing data really removed? Perhaps from your devices, but we bet it’s not that hard to find elsewhere.

Download the O&O BrowserPrivacy trial version.

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