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Use these three iOS apps to find the cheapest flights

05 December 2017, Software Publisher

momondo-200x175In this globalised society, we’re travelling more than ever. But, how do you get to your destination as quickly as possible? Direct, using one stop and what’s the best time to travel?

If you’re flexible, prepared to travel off-peak, reduce your luggage, then you will find the best options. Hunting down flight deals is made far easier through a dedicated app and we’ve rounded up three of the best.

Kayak is an app can be used to search for and book flights, rental cars and hotels. Bookings can be placed directly through the app, or you can click a link to be put through to an operator if you want to deal direct. Additionally, the app is that it will recommend you to either buy the ticket or wait, based on the way ticket prices have sold, historically. This is a really useful feature, but will only work on popular routes as they will not have enough data on less popular routes.

En route to your destination, Kayak can be used to keep an eye on flight status as well as managing your trip itinerary.  There is also a cut-down version for your Apple Watch, which will enable you to monitor your travel plans from your wrist, get quick alerts for flight changes, your flight gate and enables you to toggle between current and planned trips.


Use these three apps to hunt the cheapest flight options

Unsure of where you’d like to fly? Enter SkyScanner, which is an app you can use to find track down the cheapest flight to any destination. Booking a flight through the app is extremely simple. Simply select your departure airport or area (e.g. London and surrounding airports), then select your destination. Not sure where to go? You can simply select everywhere and the app will give you a range of travel options at a great price. Then, select if you’re making a round-trip, one-way or multi-stop. Finally, select a date range, or again, if you’re flexible you can select ranges of dates or entire months in order to get the best possible price.

A more recent app and one gaining popularity is Momondo, which is an independent aggregator that searches across the web for the best airfares and found to be the most effective on 95% of search test results.

Open the app and instantly search for a destination, the type of trip, number of passengers, then you can also select travel class and travel dates and hit search. What is neat about Momondo is that it enables you to hit the ‘price calendar’ after you’ve made the search and this will highlight if there are cheaper days to travel within your search criteria. If you’re flexible, you will be able to save money.

Momondo uses over 600 airlines, booking sites, travel agencies and other search agencies and discount sites to get the best possible deal for you.But do not think this means it is simply for the budget minded traveller, Momondo will also show you business/first-class options and will always display, cheapest, quickest and best, travel options based on what you have searched for.

We’d use and recommend a combination of these apps depending on what you’re after in order to not only get the best possible deal for your travel but also get something which really suits you.

Download Kayak, SkyScanner and Momondo.

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