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iTunes 12.7 improves by removing key features

13 September 2017, Chris Wiles

iTunes200-175How many people still use iTunes? For us, many of our old tracks were sourced from iTunes, and we like to synchronise our music across our iOS devices, it’s still our daily music manager.

Overnight iTunes received a major upgrade. At first, that’s how it appeared. Look more closely and you’ll soon find that the upgrade was a reduced level of functionality. As Apple states, iTunes now focusses on music, TV shows and movies, primarily.


iTunes 12.7

What’s gone? Any ability to find, download and control apps from your desktop. But that’s actually a big thing for us. Why? As a download reviews site, we always look for new apps on our desktop, then refer to them in iTunes. From now on, you can only find apps via iOS devices, such as your iPhone or iPad.

The ringtones section has gone too. Less of a concern for us, but it was always handy to spend a few minutes at work looking for a new ringtone. The Internet Radio function has been moved to the podcasts area.

There is some new functionality. You can now find new music through your friends, using them for inspiration. Share your playlists with other iTunes users.

Will it make iTunes faster and more usable? Probably not, no. You can still use the previous version (12.6.2) until you automatically upgrade to High Sierra.

Download iTunes 12.7 for 32-bit or 64-bit computers.

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