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Jarte 6.0 Plus adds Autohotkey scripting and automation

22 May 2017, Mike Williams

JarteCarolina Read Software has unveiled Jarte 6.0, a major update for its Windows WordPad-based word processor.

The $19.95 Jarte Plus 6.0 build now supports running custom AutoHotkey scripts when you open a document, hit a hotkey or click a custom toolbar button.

The system allows automatically entering text, replacing existing text, changing highlighting, colours and more, and you’re able to work with files, run programs, open websites, or do anything else AutoHotkey can normally do.

Jarte’s free and Plus builds get special tags which can automatically insert the current date and clipboard contents, position the text cursor or run an AutoHotkey scripts. That’s handy for simple form-type applications where you need individual fields to be intelligently populated when you create or open a document.

Jarte now supports attaching a note hyperlink to selected text. Hovering your mouse cursor over the link displays a freeform text note.


Jarte is a feature-packed text editor based around Windows’ rich-text-editing engine

A custom web browser path enables using your chosen browser, rather than the system default. If you’re running Jarte from a USB key, this allows you to use your own portable browser, too, reducing the traces you might leave on a host system.

The new build can silently reload a file when it’s modified by an external program, much more convenient if you’re monitoring logs or any regularly-updated file.

Interface improvements include a QuickBar which automatically optimises itself to fit a reduced window size; optional hint windows for the toolbar buttons, and drag-and-drop sorting for document tabs.

Other additions and enhancements include a Portuguese (Brazilian) spelling dictionary; customisable font colours in Screen Reader mode; easy notification and viewing of any note attached to a document, and optional typewriter sound effects as you type (what more does anyone need?)

Jarte 6.0 is available now for Windows XP and later.

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