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Easily trim and cut your movies with VidCutter

12 May 2017, Mike Williams

VidCutterVidCutter is an open-source Windows, Linux and Mac tool for trimming your videos.

The program’s use of FFMPEG enables opening just about any video type, and you’re then able to cut as many scenes as you need.

Import a source video and it’s displayed in the preview area. This acts as a simple media player, and allows you to quickly select and play back any point in the movie.

A status line displays precise time codes and frame counts, and you can use the mouse or keyboard to select any individual frame.

Cutting couldn’t be much more straightforward. Choose your first frame, click “Clip Start”, choose your last frame, click “Clip End”, your first clip is defined and displayed in a right-hand sidebar.


VidCutter doesn’t just alllow one-off trim operations. You’re able to clip multiple scenes, reorder and stitch them together

Create as many more clips as you need. Clicking any of these in the Clip Index sidebar allows you to view it again, and you can drag and drop the clips around to change their order.

Once you’re ready, click “Save Media” and VidCutter combines your clips and saves them as a single MP4 file. If you’d like the separate clips, too, check the “Keep individual clips” option in Settings.

We’d like to be able to export in formats other than MP4, but otherwise VidCutter is a likeable and versatile video trimmer. Take a look.

VidCutter is available for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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