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Bad Ad Johnny is an ad, tracker and malware-blocker for Chrome

02 February 2017, Mike Williams

Bad Ad JohnnyDeveloped by VPN provider PureVPN, Bad Ad Johnny is a one-stop ad, tracker and malware-blocker for Chrome.

The extension aims to block absolutely everything, says the website, in particular those “acceptable ads”: “I DO NOT shake hands with publishers under the table and let some ads slide.”

Installation is automatic and initially there’s nothing to do, just browse as usual and enjoy your ad-free existence.

The Bad Ad Johnny icon updates in real time with the total number of blocked threats on the current page. If a figure seems high or you’re just curious, clicking the icon breaks down the figure by ads, trackers and malware.

If this doesn’t completely work, a “Targeted Elements” enables choosing an area of the current page to block.

Bad Ad Johnny

Subscribing to various Global Lists enables blocking ads, malware, trackers and more

A “Disable on this site” button turns the extension off for the current site only, and as you click a voice says “Enable me if you want to live”. That’s funny for the first two or three times, annoying after that, but fortunately it can be turned off with a click.

If you need more control, there are plenty of settings available. The “Global List” section is a good place to start, displaying the lists used to identify ads, malware, privacy and social media intrusions. You can disable some of these if they’re causing problems, or turn on others to try and block even more threats.

Bad Ad Johnny is a free extension for Google Chrome.

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