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SpeedCrunch is a simple but powerful scientific calculator

03 December 2016, Mike Williams

SpeeddCrunchSpeedCrunch is a keyboard-based scientific calculator which is easy to use, yet still has the power that advanced users need.

The program is both open-source and portable, which means no real setup hassles. Just unzip the download and run speedcrunch.exe to begin.

The default interface keeps distractions to a minimum, with just a line to type expressions and a history window to view the results.

There’s an optional numeric keypad (View > Keypad) if you prefer clicking buttons to typing, although it’ll probably just slow you down.

SpeedCrunch isn’t strict about its own syntax. It doesn’t mind if you type “2+2” or “2+2=”, you’ll get the same answer as soon as you hit Enter.


Syntax highlighting can help you spot problems in longer expressions

There are 80 built-in mathematical functions and 150 scientific constants ready for use. These can be viewed and searched in a panel if you’re not sure what to enter, or you can start typing and allow the Autocomplete feature to show you any options (type “G”, select Geomean – the geometric mean – and it’s entered for you).

A built-in Formula book has a small number of expressions on offer: quadratic equations, the volume of a cone, area of a sphere, and so on. Again, double-click anything helpful and it’s entered into the expression area.

SpeedCrunch isn’t just about simplicity. If you need more, you can store results in variables, define your own functions, use complex numbers, and perform all your calculations with up to 50 digits of precision.

Whatever you’re doing, the program’s flexibility is key. Even if you’ve spent the last 30 minutes working in decimal and degrees, for instance, you can change to binary, hex, radians, Cartesian or polar output, maybe set a different level of precision, and the history window updates immediately with the new format.

Individual sessions may be saved as necessary, allowing you to carry on later, or you can export them to text or HTML for easy sharing with others.

Put it all together and SpeedCrunch is an appealing tool. The program won’t turn you into a math expert, but it’s genuinely easy to use, and even beginners will quickly figure out its basic operations. Take a look.

SpeedCrunch is an open-source tool for Windows and Linux.

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