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Inker is a promising vector graphics editor for Chrome

12 July 2016, Mike Williams

InkerVector graphics editors are often bulky desktop applications, aimed very much at design experts, but Inker is very different.

The package is a simple Chrome app, easy enough for almost anyone to use, and ideal for creating quick vector designs on a tablet which you can then reuse elsewhere.

The drawing tools cover the basics only, with a freehand pen, rectangles, ellipses, and text.

You’re able to adjust the opacity and colours of each object in a click or two.

The Path tool is a highlight. If that freehand shape isn’t quite right, select it, click Path and you’re able to view the points which make it up. You can then drag or reposition these points, add new ones, change the path direction and generally fine-tune the shape.

path-tool (1)There’s no way we or the developer can properly describe how this works, at least not in a sentence or two, but fortunately that’s not necessary. The Help system includes some excellent animations which show you some practical examples– that’s the Path to the right.

The free version only exports your designs to PNG, unfortunately. You can upgrade to get EPS and SVG export, plus some other features, but it’s a little awkward: you must install and upgrade the Android app, then email the developer with your transaction ID and purchase date to get a Chrome unlock code.

Inker is still very new, though, so we expect issues like this will be ironed out soon. Overall, it’s a simple but promising vector graphics tool and we’ll be interested to see how it progresses.

Inker is a free app for Chrome.

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