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Blisk is a browser for web developers

14 May 2016, Mike Williams

BliskBlisk is a Chromium-based browser optimised for web developers.

Point the program at your site and it’s displayed in both regular desktop and a mobile device view.

The views are displayed side-by-side, and fully synchronised. Scroll the desktop or click and drag on your mobile device and the other view moves to match. Click a link on one view and both update to display the new page.

A small selection of alternative devices – iPhones, iPads, Galaxy this, Nexus that – are listed in a sidebar. Click one of these to see how that model renders your target site.

(Emulation is basic, just the screen resolution, pixel aspect ratio and user agent, but that should be enough for most tests.)


Sites are displayed in synchronised desktop and mobile device views

Blisk can also monitor specified files and folders for changes. If you edit and save your code while using the program, Blisk refreshes tabs automatically to show the results.

The final version promises lots of other goodies – screenshots, video capture, analytics, detection and reports on site errors – but none of these are available in this build.

Blisk needs a lot more work to have any chance of winning over serious web developers. But it’s easy to use, with a lot of promise, and we’ll be interested to see what happens next.

Blisk is a free application for Windows XP to 10. Mac and Linux builds are “coming soon”.

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