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AIDA64 brings in-depth system information to Android

17 June 2015, Mike Williams

AIDA64 for AndroidIt’s best known as one of the most powerful and detailed system information tools for Windows, but AIDA64 is also available as a free app which can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about your Android device.

And we do mean everything.

There’s no flashy interface, just a vast amount of data organised into a lengthy list of categories: System, CPU, Display, Network, Battery, Android, Devices, Thermal, Sensors, Apps, Codecs, Directories and System Files.

Browse for a while and you’ll find all kinds of static information: CPU type and architecture, memory and storage capacity/ utilization, GPU renderer, battery technology, wifi and network information, installed apps, codecs, system directories and more.

AIDA64 for Android

Expect plenty of scrolling – there’s a lot to read

All this has much more depth than you might expect. Click Devices, say, and it won’t just tell you that your device has a camera: you’ll see its ID, image and video resolution, and the features it supports, both rear and front-facing. And there’s even more on your USB, OpenCL, CUDA and PCI devices.

A lot of this is only interesting to hardcore users, but AIDA64 does bring together some more useful diagnostic information for the rest of us: network connection details, temperatures, battery health, real-time sensor displays and more. Well worth a look.

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