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Optimize CSS and JavaScripts with Scriptm

15 June 2015, Mike Williams

ScriptmOne easy way to improve website performance is to optimize your graphics, and tools like FileOptimizer can significantly cut file size without any loss in quality.

If you’re looking to save every last byte then you could also try to strip down your JavaScripts or CSS files. FileOptimizer can handle that, too, but Scriptm is a free script optimizer for Windows 7+ which gives you a little more control.

The program’s interface is unusually flexible. You’re able to click an Add button to choose your target files, or drag and drop to import them. It’s even possible to drag and drop your project folder, and have Scriptm automatically detect and display your .css and .js files.

If you’re in a hurry, click the Optimize button and the minified versions are saved within a few seconds as separate files (original.css > original.min.css), so you don’t have to worry about the originals being overwritten.


Drag and drop your project folder, and any css/ js files are detected automatically

Scriptm reports both the original and new files, and displays how much you’ve saved. We were impressed by details like “83% decrease”, until we looked more closely. The percentage figure relates to the finished file size, not the saving, so “83% decrease” actually meant our file was 17% smaller.

Still, once you understand what Scriptm is telling you, it’s not a problem, and in our brief tests the program typically cut file sizes by a little more than FileOptimizer.

If you don’t trust the batch conversion – or it’s not convenient for your workflow – then there’s also a “Real Time” mode. Drag and drop or paste your source code, process it with the Minify or JavaScript Beautify options, and the results are displayed immediately. You’re able to browse the results, save or copy them to the clipboard for instant reuse elsewhere.

While they’re not immediately obvious, click the menu button to the right and you’ll find some useful customisations (“Preserve All Semicolons” in JavaScripts, “Overwrite existing files” and more).

Overall Scriptm isn’t doing anything too surprising, but it’s efficient, flexible and adware-free. Worth a look.

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