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Quickly edit and share screen grabs with ScreenShooter

01 June 2015, Mike Williams

ScreenShooterSharing a screen capture with someone else can require many steps. You might take the screenshot, save it as a file, maybe attach that to an email, add a few text notes, then click Send and wait.

ScreenShooter is a free portable tool which allows you to capture an image, add text or highlighting, and share it immediately via the program’s own server.

If you’re happy to share a full screen shot, this can be very simple. Press PrtSc, ScreenShooter opens to display the grab, and above this is an address bar with a URL ( Copy the link, pass it to a friend, and they can view the image immediately.

There’s also support for capturing a freehand rectangle. We found this a little distracting, as the screen dims while it’s active, and you must position your mouse cursor using a separate “magnifier” window. Still, this will be useful if you need pixel precision.


Vector drawing tools make it easy to annotate your capture

Once you’ve captured something, a “Draw” menu provides several vector tools to help you annotate it: a pen, line, arrow, rectangle, ellipse, highlighter and eraser.

If that’s not enough you can directly open the image in Paint or some other editor of your choice.

There’s also an option to open any other image, which can then also be edited or shared.

One concern we have here is that the images are stored on the developer’s own server. How long might they stay there? How secure are they? Does the system record your IP address or any other identifying metadata? We’ve no idea.

Of course, storing captures on a big-name service doesn’t guarantee your privacy either, and ScreenShooter does at least have a Delete option. Once you’ve discussed your grab with someone, click Delete and it won’t be accessible from the link any more.

ScreenShooter has some room for improvement, but its portability, ease of use and vector drawing tools are all pluses. Worth a look.

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