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Wunderlist 3.0 released, adds real-time sync and refreshed design, drops support for Windows desktop

04 August 2014, Nick Peers

Wunderlist 3.06 Wunderkinder GmBH has unveiled Wunderlist 3.0, a major new release of its to-do list manager for Mac. Also available for iOS and Android, the biggest surprise with this new release is the lack of a Windows update from version 2.

For the platforms still supported, Wunderlist 3.0 comes with the promise of a revamped real-time sync engine, major redesign and the promise of over 60 improvements.

Wunderkinder has revealed it’s busy developing a new Windows 8 app, but has ceased support for the existing Windows desktop app, which means users of older versions of Windows are left with the choice of continuing to use the old, depreciated build or either switching to the Google Chrome extension or accessing the Wunderlist service through their web browser.

Wunderlist 3.0 for Android

A new, simplified design takes its bow in Wunderlist 3.0.

The highlight of version 3 is its rebuilt sync engine. The new engine comes with the promise of greater simplicity and robustness, plus faster performance. Users will no longer have to wait for lists to load before they can start adding to their lists.

Wunderkinder also reveals that the Real-time Sync tool will also make it easier to build new features more regularly going forward, such as support for integrating with other apps.

The new interface is undoubtedly slick and eye-catching, but has also been built in tandem with the new sync engine for better responsiveness. The UI has also been simplified to reduce clutter and make the app feel lighter and easier to use, and is fully scalable so it can support small and large devices.

Other notable improvements in version 3 include instant sharing of new lists with others, while collaborative features previously restricted to Wunderlist Pro users have now been opened up to free users too, including commenting. A new Conversation and Activity Center has been built to accommodate this kind of sharing.

One final improvement to version 3 is support for Public Lists, which can be shared via social media with a single click.

Wunderlist 3.0 for Mac, Wunderlist 3.0 for iPhone and iPad and Wunderlist 3.0 for Android are all available as free downloads now. A free Wunderlist account is required to use the service, with Pro subscriptions available starting from $4.99 per month.

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