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Extend your battery life with Comodo Battery Saver for Android

16 June 2014, Mike Williams

There’s no real secret to extending the battery life of your Android device: just keep your screen brightness and timeout to a minimum, while turning off, disabling or uninstalling everything you don’t really need.

Applying these tweaks at the right time is often a hassle, of course, and it could be simpler to allow the free Comodo Battery Saver to manage everything for you.

Install the app and it monitors your battery level, automatically switching to a power-saving mode when it’s getting low. By default it uses “Economy Mode”, which turns off almost everything, but there are various other presets available: “Reading Mode” for reading, “Cinema Mode” keeps your device quiet in meetings, “Gaming Mode” delivers maximum performance with minimum interruptions.

Disable power-hungry devices and apps with a tap, or allow Battery Server to handle everything automatically

If none of these suit your needs then you can also design a Custom Mode which adjusts only your chosen settings (screen timeout, brightness, vibration, wifi, mobile network, auto sync, Bluetooth, touch feedback).

Tap Settings > Intelligent Options and you can have Battery Saver switch to your preferred mode when the battery level drops to a certain level. A scheduler optionally switches modes at a specified time range (use 23:00 – 08:00 to turn off most features at night, say), and the app can also disable features when your device is locked.

Once you’re set up, the app’s Battery Info page will keep you up-to-date with your current battery level and how long you’ve got until it’s exhausted. You’re able to manually change profiles here, as well as manually enabling/ disabling key features (wifi, GPS, Bluetooth and more) with a tap.

If this still doesn’t deliver the results you need, Battery Saver’s Utilization page displays your most power-hungry apps, and stops or uninstalls them in a couple of taps. And the app also keeps you informed with an alert when you device can be unplugged from charge, and status bar notifications on your current battery levels.

There are limits to what this kind of tool can do, and if you already monitor your battery use carefully then it’s not going to make too much difference. Comodo Battery Saver does simplify the process, though, and if you’re not happy with your current battery life then we’d give it a try.

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