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Migrate to a new PC with ease thanks to the O&O Migration Kit – now on special offer

28 March 2014, Nick Peers

Laplink PCmoverThe bells are finally tolling for Windows XP as End of Life rolls ominously closer. And while XP itself won’t suddenly stop working once April 8th rolls around, sticking with it long term is no longer a viable choice.

If you’ve realised the plunge is ready to be taken, then before diving in make sure you have the right tools ready to migrate from old PC or version of Windows to new. And the tools you need can be found in the O&O Migration Kit for Windows 8.

Here’s the rub: moving from XP to Windows 8 isn’t as straightforward as moving from XP to Vista was, or even Windows 7 to 8. You can’t keep any of your settings or programs when you switch up, and you may even struggle to keep hold of your files too. And don’t think that Windows Easy Transfer will help, because it doesn’t work in XP. Microsoft has released a free version of PCmover Express in conjunction with Laplink, but while it will migrate settings and files, it won’t transfer any programs.

Laplink PCmover

If you want to preserve programs and settings from your XP installation, you need Laplink PCmover.

So what happens if you’ve lost key program installers or product keys? PCmover Express won’t cut it, that’s for sure. This is where the O&O Migration Kit comes into play. It consists of two programs, the first of which is O&O DiskImage 6.8, which lets you take that all-important fail-safe backup of your entire XP system as it stands, so going forward you know you’ve got at least one copy of your files safely stashed away.

The second tool is the clever one: Laplink PCmover Professional 8. This is the tool that will cleverly reinstate all of your files, settings and compatible programs (it’ll screen out those that won’t work) from your old XP to your new PC or Windows 8 install.

That means no having to dig out program installers and CDs, product keys, and no praying your settings get transferred across. Instead, simply choose what to migrate, and let Laplink PCmover do the rest.

So the O&O Migration Kit will save you hours of frustration and ensure that, whatever happens, you have a failsafe backup of all your data. That makes it priceless, but get this: priceless just came with a 40 or 50 per cent discount. That’s right, buy the O&O Migration Kit now and not only will your migration be as simple as it can be, you’ll also save money too.

This is the scoop: the one-migration license of O&O Migration Kit, which lets you use PCmover to perform a single migration as well as use DiskImage before and after the migration, can be purchased for just $17.99, a saving of 40 per cent on the MSRP.

But what if you have more than one old PC to migrate? Simple: purchase the three-migration kit for just $24.95, a saving of 50 per cent on the MSRP, and you can use PCmover on up to three migrations, ensuring your entire household or small office get a smooth, simple upgrade. What’s not to like?

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