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CopyCD is a straightforward CD, DVD and Blu-ray copier

08 March 2014, Mike Williams

Download a program called “CopyCD” and you’re probably not going to expect very much. Copying discs is a very basic task, after all, and limiting itself to CDs makes the program seem even worse.

CopyCD’s extremely basic interface – like something written on day 2 of a “Learn Visual Studio” course – doesn’t help. You’re able to choose your “master” drive (the source), and your “copy” (the destination); an “OK” button launches the copy process, while an “Exit” button closes CopyCD down. Can that really be it?

Well, not quite. Browse the Source list, for example, and you’ll find an option to choose an ISO image, which may then be burned to disc. CopyCD can similarly create an ISO image from any disc you specify. And despite the name, it can read or write CDs, DVDs or Blu-rays (everything except commercial movie discs).

It may look like the interface was thrown together in 5 minutes, but CopyCD has some powerful features

CopyCD also allows you to choose a folder as its source or destination. These can seem very trivial, if perhaps you’re just copying the contents of a data DVD to a folder somewhere. But it also means you’re able to copy the contents of a folder tree into an ISO file of any size, rather more useful.

The program has a convenient multi-copy feature. If you’ve made one copy of the source disc and need another, just eject the first, insert a blank disc and CopyCD handles everything else.

There’s a built-in verification check to make sure that your copy has worked. By default this is set to “Quick”, and is probably good enough, but you can alternatively set it to “Full” for extreme thoroughness, or “None” if you just want the fastest possible copy time.

Simple Explorer integration means you can launch the program by right-clicking a drive in Explorer and clicking CopyCD.

And all this is packaged in a tiny program (240KB including the uninstaller), with no adware, and no dependencies on .NET or anything else.

Copying discs may be a very basic task, then, but CopyCD can do much more to help than its name suggests. If you need more copying options then give it a try.

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