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thilmera7: a very configurable PC monitor

14 January 2014, Mike Williams

Thilmera7 is a PC monitor which can help you track CPU and RAM usage, processes, threads, network traffic, hard drive activity, hardware temperatures and more, all in a free and portable desktop tool.

Launch the program and a tiny window appears with basic system details: free RAM, CPU usage, the number of processes/ threads/ handles, disk and network activity. This is presented in a horribly basic way, mostly text with a few feeble graphical touches, but it does at least give you some useful feedback on what your PC is doing.

Right-click the program, select Report, and you’re able to view further information about your system: processes, services, system drivers, a hard drive SMART report, open PC windows, and more. Presentation is a problem again, as all the reports are plain text, and a few weren’t displayed properly on our test PC. But again, there’s enough information to be useful.

The interface is basic, but thilmera7 can be tweaked to monitor a host of essential PC indicators

So far, so not-very-impressive, but thilmera7 does have one significant plus point: it’s configurability. Right-click the main window, select Property, and you’re able to activate a lengthy list of optional features.

If you’re particularly interested in your hard drives, for instance, you can have thilmera7 display a list of drives with their free space, temperatures, an I/O graph, and the processes responsible for most disk activity.

The “CPU & GPU & M/B” tab has options to display CPU by kernel time and core, as well as highlighting CPU temperature, GPU usage and temperature, battery life and more.

Browse the other tabs and you’ll find further options to display system up time, page file use, video memory stats, network adapter details, and the top CPU and memory-hogging processes. You can set up hotkeys to perform various actions, and the interface can be tweaked in various ways (though it remained annoying, whatever we did).

Thilmera7 has significant issues, then, but if you’re willing to spend the time learning its quirks then you’ll find a capable and configurable PC monitor, well worth the download.

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