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Migrate quickly, simply and securely to a new PC with three great deals from the Downloadcrew Store

23 April 2013, Nick Peers

Migration Kit for Windows 8The time has come to move on to a new PC, but before jettisoning your old computer, you need to make sure you’re ready for the big move. That means two key things: getting your data, programs and settings migrated across to your new computer, and making sure there’s nothing sensitive or incriminating left on your old PC before you dispose of it.

Thankfully, both tasks can be made simple with the help of two or three superb tools, all of which are heavily discounted in the Downloadcrew Software Store this month. Step forward Laplink PCmover Professional 8, O&O SafeErase Professional 6 and for those looking to migrate to Windows 8, O&O Migration Kit for Windows 8.

The first thing to worry about is getting everything across from your old PC to new. You might be thinking that Windows’ own Easy Transfer Tool is the best choice here, but it’s lacking in key areas, including the ability to migrate entire programs and settings across to your new computer.

Laplink PCmover Professional 8

Migrate from one PC to another with less fuss with Laplink PCmover.

This is where Laplink PCmover Professional 8 comes in. Whether you want it standalone or as part of the O&O Migration Kit, this is the go-to app for ensuring your migration is smooth, simple and comprehensive, so you don’t have to waste time digging out program installers and CDs, product keys and praying your settings get transferred across. Instead, simply choose what to migrate, and let Laplink PCmover do the rest.

If you’re simply upgrading your computer to Windows 8 – or purchasing a new computer with Windows 8 installed – then the O&O Migration Kit for Windows 8 is worth considering. In addition to Laplink PCmover you also get O&O DiskImage 6.8, which allows you to take a fail-safe drive image of your old setup before migrating to Windows 8. If you forget anything, or want to roll back, DiskImage makes it easy to do so.

Version 6 of O&O SafeErase boasts an even friendlier user interface.

Version 6 of O&O SafeErase boasts an even friendlier user interface.

Protect your data
Once you’ve successfully migrated, checked everything’s in place and settled into your new environment, it’s time to take steps to make sure any sensitive data – whether state secrets, private financial information or a letter you never meant to send – is thoroughly removed from your old PC before you pass it on. Even if you’re simply upgrading Windows on an existing PC it still pays to have the tools to hand to ensure personal and private data is securely wiped from your computer.

This is where O&O SafeErase Professional 6 comes in: not only can you use it to wipe entire hard drives and partitions – perfect when disposing of old hard drives or PCs – you can also use it to securely delete individual files and folders and wipe all your free drive space too, so previously deleted files get scrubbed from existence too. Everything’s handled from a friendly wizard – you don’t need to create bootable media even when scrubbing entire computers – and is an essential step in your migration process.

You’ll find all three tools available on sale for generous discounts at our Downloadcrew Software Store. There’s a generous 67 per cent off a single-migration version of Laplink PCmover Professional 8, which now costs just $19.99, or you can purchase a three-migration license of the program for just $29.99, saving you 65 per cent.

The O&O Migration Kit for Windows 8, which includes a single-migration license for Laplink PCmover Pro 8 as well as O&O DiskImage 6.8, is even better value at $19.95: an amazing saving of 67 per cent on the MSRP. If you need to move more than one PC, then you can pick up the 3-migration license version of the O&O Migration Kit for just $24.95, saving you 50 per cent on the MSRP.

Last, but not least, you can pick up a single-PC license for O&O SafeErase 6 Professional for just $12.95, a massive saving of 57 per cent on its MSRP.

If you’re about to migrate to a new version of Windows or upgrade to a new PC, you owe it to yourself to at least check out these great deals: function-limited trial versions of Laplink PC Mover 8 Professional, O&O DiskImage 6.8.1 and O&O SafeErase 6 Professional are all available for you to try out before you purchase.

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