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Manage your multi-monitor setup with NirSoft’s MultiMonitorTool

23 July 2012, Mike Williams

Nir Sofer has released his latest creation, MultiMonitorTool, and the name tells you everything: it’s a one-stop tool to handle all your multiple monitor needs.

As usual with NirSoft utilities, there’s no installation required, no adware, no unwanted extras at all. Just download and unzip the implausibly small MultiMonitorTool file (under 200KB) and you’re ready to go.

On launch the program displays a two-paned interface. All the monitors it recognises are at the top, and if you click on any one of these then you’ll see the application windows it contains in the lower pane.

If you’d like to a carry out a particular action on an object then the easiest thing to do is right-click it, and browse the menu that appears.

So if you right-click a monitor, for instance, you’ll see options to disable or enable it, to set that monitor as your primary display, or to disable or enable switching between monitors.

A Preview window shows you how your tweaks affect each display

And if you select a group of windows in the lower pane, then right-click, you’ll be able to move them to the next, or the primary monitor with one further click.

Of course that’s just the start. MultiMonitorTool also has an extensive command line interface, allowing to enable or disable monitors, move application windows around and more, all from your own scripts (the NirSoft site has more).

And if you’re happy with your current setup then the program can save the configuration of all your monitors (including screen resolution, colour depth and monitor position), then restore them later, either on demand or from within a script.

We’ve not tested it in depth yet, but from first impressions MultiMonitorTool seems to be a solid and welcome addition to the NirSoft range. If you extend your desktop across multiple monitors then take a look, it’s a well-designed and versatile app.

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