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USB Safeguard adds password protection and encryption to your USB drive

04 July 2012, Software Publisher

USB SafeguardData security is of the utmost importance, but it is usually the files stored on our hard drives or transmitted over the internet that we are primarily concerned with. It’s likely that you have at least one USB drive which you use o move files from one computer to another, perhaps transporting files between home and office. If you were to lose the drive, there is not only the irritation of not having access to the files you need, there is also the concern that whoever finds the drive will be able to vie your private data – this is something that USB Safeguard can help with.

As you’ve probably guessed from the name and the scenario we have set up, this is a program that can be used to protect the files you have chosen to store on a USB drive. This is a tiny portable app, weighing in at less than 100KB, but it is none the less powerful. While there is a paid version of the app available that can be used to protect drives of up to 16TB in size, there is also a free version that can be used on drive up to 2GB.

USB Safeguard

USB Safeguard

While this may not seem like much, it is still more than enough to keep your valuable data safe. Word documents and spreadsheets are not necessarily very large, so a 2GB drive could be used to store a very large number of them. These could contain all manner of private data including financial information which could be misused by anyone else that was to gain access to the drive. You can also use the software to protect images on camera memory cards.

USB Safeguard enables to you password protect your drive so that it cannot be accessed by anyone who does not know it. The data on your drive is protected on the fly with 256 bit AES encryption to help avoid the risk of passwords protection being bypassed. Quick to use and easy to implement, this is a fantastically useful program.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the app by paying a visit to the USB Safeguard review page.

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