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Auslogic updates BoostSpeed and Disk Defrag with minor version number, major changes

17 May 2012, Nick Peers

Australian software developer Auslogics has released major updates for two of its Windows performance tools. Auslogics BoostSpeed is the company’s flagship tool, an all-in-one performance manager, while Auslogics Disk Defrag – whose functionality is included in BoostSpeed – provides a free (for personal use) hard drive optimization tool.

The latest build includes numerous feature additions, performance improvements and bug fixes, plus introduces “partial” compatibility with Windows 8, with full compatibility promised for version 5.4.

Both BoostSpeed and Disk Defrag introduce a new free space availability check before the user creates a Rescue Center backup, allowing them to either abort the entire operation or proceed without the safety net of a backup. The Rescue Center is now also capable of creating and restoring backups that are larger than 2GB in size.

A new 'Forced Remove' option is added to BoostSpeed 5's Uninstall Manager component.

Defrag-specific improvements include improved SSD detection, which helps automatically enable a special defrag algorithm for solid-state drives, plus better use of system resources to boost overall stability.

Other changes are specific to BoostSpeed, starting with the integrated launcher (Integrator), which now offers to make a Restore point when first launched and automatically checks for updates. The Both Startup Manager and Uninstall Manager components feature a tweaked user interface that allows the user to get detailed ratings of individual start-up or application entries simply by hovering the mouse over the respective column. The interface also adds a new ‘Google it’ button to the toolbar for those wishing to learn more about the selected item.

The Uninstall Manager also introduces a new Forced Remove option for viewing – and deleting – a program’s files, Registry keys and system components even when the installer is no longer present.

Other modules also receive minor tweaks – notably the File Recovery tool has an improved search conditions selection wizard to allow the user to jump to a specific part of the wizard using default settings, while the Registry Cleaner has regrouped the categories list to provide a more intuitive presentation.

The latest builds of both BoostSpeed and Disk Defrag also introduce performance improvements via optimized code and algorithms, plus the fixing of various memory leaks. They also claim to fix all known bugs as well as various installer errors.

Auslogic Disk Defrag is a free (for personal) use download, while Auslogic BoostSpeed is also available as a free trial download. Both require PCs running Windows XP or later. A three-PC, 12-month subscription to Auslogic BoostSpeed is currently available for just $14.95 – a saving of 70% on the MSRP – through the Downloadcrew Software Store.

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