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Add an extra layer of encryption to your cloud-based backups with Cloudfogger

01 May 2012, Nick Peers

Just how secure is the data you’ve backed up online? Most cloud-based backup providers promise to encrypt your data before it’s uploaded to their servers, but a handful perform the encryption after the data’s been uploaded, which means they possess the key required to unlock your data and potentially hand it over to anyone who comes asking (backed with the right warrant).

Cloudfogger is a brand new (and currently free) service that puts you back in control of your data, allowing you to encrypt it prior to uploading it – and providing you with another layer of protection for your most sensitive documents and files.

At the present time, Cloudfogger is available for Windows and Android, with versions for Mac and iOS promised sooner rather than later. You install the app in Windows, select a folder for Cloudfogger to encrypt and off you go. It’ll attempt to create a folder inside your Dropbox folder if it exists, but you can point it to any folder you like – local, network or rival cloud-based storage provider like Skydrive or Google Drive.

Once installed, just drag files into your Cloudfogger drive to encrypt them.

Cloudfogger then creates a virtual drive – X by default – on your PC. Any files copied or saved into here are automatically encrypted (256-bit AES for those who want to know) and then the encrypted version – sporting a .clog file extension – will appear in the folder you’ve picked.

You can always access these files via your X drive on your PC, or you can sign up for a free Cloudfogger account to gain access via your Android mobile. Encrypted files can also be distributed like any other, and you can share individual files with other Cloudfogger users simply by providing their ID. Then distribute the file via email, USB stick or whatever, and they’ll have access from their computer.

It’s a pretty neat solution, and works well – but you may have to perform an extra step here and there to how you worked previously, which could be off-putting to those happy that their data is actually reasonably protected already. However, if you’re utterly paranoid about your data – or want extra protection for files and folders as well as a secure means of sharing via insecure methods – then Cloudfogger is well worth looking at more closely.

Cloudfogger is available as a free download for Windows, while Cloudfogger for Android Beta is also available for Android users. Mac and iOS versions are due for release shortly.

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