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Where did all the space go? Find out with TweakNow HD-Analyzer

20 April 2012, Software Publisher

TweakNow HD-AnalyzerHave you ever wondered where all of the space of your multi-gigabyte, or even terabyte, drive has disappeared to? The voluminous hard drive you installed a year ago and seemed like it would last you forever can become full all too quickly. While there’s nothing to stop you from manually working your way through the contents to determine what could be removed to free up space, TweakNow HD-Analyzer is a free tool that could help make the decision a little easier.

If you are running short of space – perhaps before starting a video editing project or something else similarly space-hungry – it makes sense to home in on the files and programs that are currently occupying the most space. This is something that TweakNow HD-Analyzer can help you with, performing and in-depth analysis of your hard drive and highlighting the largest files and folders so you can easy delete them or move them to an alternate location.

TweakNow HD-Analyzer

Free up space with TweakNow HD-Analyzer

Scan results are ordered so that not only are the largest files listed at the top of the information panel, but a bar chart system is used to give a visual idea of how much space is being used. That’s really all there is to the app – it is a simple yet effective tool for tracking down the megabyte munching files that you may want to remove. In a matter of moments you can track down the largest files or discover which of the programs you have installed are occupying space you could be put to better use.

If you want to get a little more hands-on with the program, there are options that open up possibilities. You may only be interested in weeding out the largest video or audio files that you have stored on your hard drive. It is possible to specify which files types should be recognized by TweakNow HD-Analyzer so that these types of file are highlighted in the results list.

You can find out and download a copy of this free tool by paying a visit to the TweakNow HD-Analyzer review page.

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