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Uniblue release MaxiDisk, a brand new disk defragmentation tool, but drop RegistryBooster?

03 April 2012, Software Publisher

Taking care of your computer can easily turn into a full time job, so it makes sense to delegate at least some of the responsibility to a third party tool. Uniblue PowerSuite is an impressive collection of maintenance tools that can be used to manage the registry, keep drivers up to date, clean out junk files and much more. The latest addition to the suite is MaxiDisk, a defrag tool that makes it simple to keep your hard drive shipshape – and there are a few extra options to investigate as well.

At its heart, MaxiDisk is a fairly basic defragmentation tool, but if all you have used in the past is the one that is built into Windows, it is a great leap forward. The analysis process is completed faster than Windows’ defragmenter and you are provided with basic information about the layout of the data on your drive, along with an indication of whether or not defragging is required. The re-organization of files on your disk is something that unavoidably takes time, but it is something that is well worth doing.

Maintain the performance of your hard drive with MaxiDisk

There is also a system cleanup tool that can be used to track down junk files that can be remove as well as out of date backups that you may no longer need. The program also offers to compress the largest files on your drive to free up more space. While these are all useful options, they are somewhat oddly positioned after the defragging section in the program interface when it would make much more sense to perform these tasks first.

The final section of the program enables you to decompress any of the files you chose to compress, and it also details information about your computer – but nothing you cannot determine through the Control Panel. You also have the option of scheduling defragmentation to save you from having to do this manually. Looked at on its own, MaxiDisk is a fairly basis tool ,but when considered as a new component of a larger suite, it’s a great addition.

Whilst Uniblue release a new tool, they appear to have silently cancelled RegistryBooster, which was always one of their more controversial tools. All references to RegistryBooster has disappeared from the Uniblue website.

You can find out more and download a free trial of the program by paying a visit to the Uniblue MaxiDisk review page.

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