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Movie Label 2013 enables to store even more information about your movie collection

20 February 2012, Software Publisher

While digital video formats are more popular than ever, most people still have large collections of DVDs and Blu-rays. One of the many advantages of digital video formats is that they are easily stored on removable hard drives and can be searched and cataloged in a variety of way. Movie Label 2013 is the latest version of a movie cataloging tool that has been designed to place you firmly in control of your DVD collection, storing more information than is possible in the majority of similar tools that are available.

At its most basic, the application can be used to create a simple database of all of your DVDs and Blu-rays so even if you choose not to have your discs out on display you’ll never lose track of what you own. But this is an app that can also be used to catalog your DivX video files in the same way and keep track of which discs you have lent out to other people. One of the biggest problems with any sort of cataloging software is the data entry side of things, but Movie Label 2013 makes things nice and easy – you can either scan the bar code of a disc and the data will be downloaded for you automatically, or you can perform searches that will populate data fields for you.

Catalog your movie collection with Movie Label 2013

If all of this sounds like nothing special, the app has plenty of tricks up its sleeve. There are data fields that are simply not found in any other app and this is what sets Movie Label 2013 apart from the competition. Not only are you able to store details about the cast of shows and movies but you can also save information such as the type of equipment used on a shoot and attach details of awards that have been won – this is great if you ever want to track down all of the movies starring a particular actor that have been nominated for Oscars. Additional options such as filming locations, advanced searches, a wonderfully redesigned program interface and a high level of customization mean that this is perfect for any self-respecting movie buff.

Weighing in at $39.95, it could be argued that Movie Label 2013 is a little on the expensive side – but bear in mind that there is also a professional version available for almost double the price at $69.95 if you want to install the program on up to three computers, export data and create your own reports – but it is pretty powerful. Movie Label 2013 goes far beyond any other comparable tool, and while there is nothing to stop you from knocking up a more basic database in Access, this is far more feature-rich and good looking than anything most people would be capable of producing.

You can find out more by paying a visit to the Movie Label 2013 review page.

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