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Use your tablet or phone as a remote for your computer with Mobile Mouse

07 February 2012, Nick Peers

The advent of big-screen HD TVs has made it easier than ever to watch video on your computer through your television. The only downside is physically hooking up your computer to your TV, followed by having to get up from your comfortable seat to take control. Why go to all that hassle when you can configure your mobile or tablet to act as a wireless remote control, mouse and keyboard with the help of a tool called Mobile Mouse?

Mobile Mouse comes in two parts: Mobile Mouse Server for your PC or Mac, and then the mobile app for iPhone/iPod touch, iPad or Android.

Start by installing the free Mobile Mouse Server on your computer. Once installed, it’ll automatically appear on the menu bar or in your Taskbar’s Notification area. It’s configured to go, so turn your attention to the mobile app next.

Mobile Mouse Lite for iPhone and Android offer basic wireless mouse and keyboard functionality via your phone or tablet’s touch-screen. You’ll find the top half of the screen becomes your virtual mouse – space for your finger to move the mouse, plus buttons for left and right mouse clicks and scroll functionality.

If that’s all you need, and you’re happy to bypass nag screens, then you’re done, but if you want additional features – remote functions for media, web and presentations, plus an application switcher, file browser and many other advanced functions – then upgrade to the Pro version. This is the only version available to iPad users, but for $2.99 you get an awful lot of extra functionality for your money, and can use the app on as many computers you like – just install Mobile Mouse Server on your other computers, and then – if necessary – connecting manually rather than automatically using the Settings button.

You need to be on the same wi-fi network as your computer to pair the two together using Mobile Mouse, which isn’t a hardship as this is an app for using to control your computer from the other side of the room, typically when it’s plugged into your big-screen TV. It all hangs together very well, and could ensure you become even more of a fixture to your sofa going forward. Just remember the toilet breaks…

Mobile Mouse Server is a freeware download for Windows, Mac and (via an unsupported open-source build) Linux. Mobile Mouse Lite for iPhone and Mobile Mouse Lite for Android are also free, with upgraded Pro versions available separately. Mobile Mouse for iPad costs $2.99.

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