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Back up your Firefox, IE, Chrome and Safari settings with FavBackup

11 January 2012, Mike Williams

Running a complete system backup occasionally is a great way to protect yourself from a data disaster.

Smaller, more focused backups also have their place, though. So it may also be a good idea to preserve your browser settings every day or two, and FavBackup is a very easy way to make this happen.

The simplest way to begin is just to run the program’s Full Backup Wizard. There are no complex settings to consider, no involved options to think about: just choose your preferred browser (there’s support for Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari and Flock), specify the backup destination and FavBackup will take care of everything else.

A quick and easy way to back up your browser settings

If you’d like to get more selective, though, opting for a regular backup will allow you to choose exactly what you’d like to preserve. Pick Firefox, say, and the program is able to save bookmarks, cookies, download history, extensions, history, MIME types, preferences, saved form data and passwords, site and user preferences, search engine, sessions, spelling dictionary, toolbar layout, themes and personas: just check a box next to the relevant item and it’ll be included in the backup.

What you don’t get here is any form of automation, unfortunately. So you can’t schedule the program to, say, back up all your profiles once a week.

By way of compensation, though, FavBackup is easy to use, portable, and the developers generally do a good job of upgrading it to cater for the latest releases. So if you’re looking for a simple way to save and restore just about every detail of your browser’s configuration, then give the program a try – it could be the ideal solution.

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