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Browse Amazon S3, Nirvanix or Timeline Cloud accounts from Cloud Turtle

10 November 2011, Mike Williams

Online storage services can be a great way to share documents or back up key files.

Of course they all have their own interfaces and clients, though, so if you use more than one then you’ll have plenty of software to install and master.

But maybe it doesn’t have to be that way. Cloud Turtle (from Genie9, the company behind the Genie Timeline backup package) doesn’t only work with Genie9’s own Timeline Cloud service, where it enables you to search your backed up files, restore any you need, stream music and videos, and more. It also delivers equally strong functionality with both Amazon S3 and Nirvanix accounts.

Once you’ve provided the login details of your S3 account, for instance, Cloud Turtle does of course provide support for the basics, such as uploading and downloading buckets and objects.  But the program is also able to handle many more low-level S3 configuration options: setting up HTTP headers for objects, defining access control lists, controlling logging, and more.

And it’s a similar story on Nirvanix accounts, where Cloud Turtle can upload, download and delete files and folders, stream music and videos to your system, even view and edit file metadata.

The program does also have its problems. Error handling is poor, for example: if there’s some issue in communicating with your account then you probably won’t be told. Cloud Turtle simply won’t work.  Which may quickly become very frustrating, as we couldn’t find any meaningful documentation for the program anywhere.

Still, if you do use two or more of the supported services then Cloud Turtle could save you time. And it’s perhaps an interesting pointer to the future, where it’s likely we’ll see many more tools offer access to multiple cloud services from a single, unified interface.

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