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Get quick and easy access to your bookmarks with SiteLauncher

17 June 2011, Joe Cassels

Finding your way around online as quickly as you can is becoming more and more important. Current net users want to zip from site to site without worrying about remembering addresses or working out where they’re stored in bookmarks.

SiteLauncher for Firefox and SiteLauncher for Chrome are a browser extensions that provide fast access and keyboard shortcuts to your most popular sites. It’s already chock full of useful  bookmarks, but you can add your own and customise all the existing ones too.

To open the launcher press [Ctrl] + [Spacebar]. Click the Options icon in the Chrome version or press [Tab] and click More Options in Firefox to open SiteLauncher’s configuration page. From the Options tab you can select the theme and colour scheme used for the launcher panel.

You can also make tweaks to the position it appears on screen. Move to Manage Shortcuts to make changes to those already stored. Select a shortcut and choose Edit Selected. You can now alter the URL it points to , tweak its title or enter a new keyboard shortcut key. Click Revise to save the change.

If you like, you can import a completely new set of shortcuts from a previously exported XML file. Click Import in the SiteLauncher options (Chrome) or choose More followed by Import (Firefox). Browse to the file you want to import and click Open followed by Perform Import. In the Firefox version of the extension, you can export your existing list of SiteLauncher bookmarks, too.

It all adds up to an extension that will appeal to anyone who frequently moves between lots of favorite websites during each browser session. SiteLauncher for Firefox and SiteLauncher for Chrome are available now for all computers (Mac, Windows and Linux) running either Firefox or Chrome web browsers.

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