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Take control of Google Calendar with Calendars for iPhone & iPad

02 August 2010, Software Publisher

Although iOS features its own calendar app that can be used to display appointment information from your PC or Mac, as well as online calendars such as Google Calendar, the interface does leave a little to be desired. Calendars – Google Calendar Client has been designed to make it easier to work with Google’s online appointment manager.

The app can be used in both on an offline mode. This means that should you find that you are unable to establish a stable internet connection, you will still be able to access your calendar, and any changes you make will be synchronised the next time you connect.

Calendars closely mimics the way the standard online version of Google Calendar works and this means that the creation of a new appointment is reduced to a single screen tap. There are also a number of different viewing modes available so you can view all of your upcoming appointments as a basic list, or choose between Day, Week and Month mode.

In the three latter modes, a swipe to the left or right turns the page to allow for flicking back and forth, but there are also date controls at the bottom of the screen that can be used to jump to a specific date or date range.

One of the major advantages of using Calendars over other similar tools is that the app features support for drag and drop. This means that if the date or time of an appointment changes, it can be simply dragged to a new position rather than having to edit dates and times with menus. And if you make a mistake, an undo option means a moved appointment can be quickly reverted to its original position.

Calendars also supports SMS reminders so you can opt to receive a text message in advance of an appointment. The ability to send invitation to your contacts means that the app can be used to manage not only your own schedule, but also synchronise meetings with others.

It is difficult to fully appreciate the benefits of using Calendars without experiencing them. One thing is for sure – once you have tried the app, you’ll find it hard to use anything else.

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