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Solve computer problems with Microsoft Fix It

19 April 2010, Software Publisher

One of the most useful features of Windows 7 is the Action Center which not only provides information about the state of installed virus protection, but will also alert you to computer problems. Users of Windows XP and Vista do not have access to a similar tool, and instead have to trawl through the Microsoft web site to track down solutions to problems they may be experiencing.

Microsoft Fix It is a free diagnostic tool that can be used to detect and fix a wide range of software and hardware problems. While aimed at Windows XP and Vista users who do not have access to the Action Center, Microsoft Fix It can also be used with Windows 7.

The program scans your computer and is able to detect the hardware and software you have installed. With this information, Microsoft Fix It is better able to provide personalised solutions based on your computer setup rather than general advice that may not be relevant.

This official tool from Microsoft will enable you to diagnose various system complaints and find solutions

Microsoft Fix It comprises a number of troubleshooters which you can instigate at any time to be guided through the process of detecting problems with everything from persistent program crashes and poor performance to networking problems and hardware issues.

But the program is not just about fixing existing problems, Microsoft Fix It is also a preventative tool. By scanning your hard drive for installed software, the program is able to deliver updates that fix known issues with various software

With built in solutions for around 300 of the most common problems, Microsoft Fix It is not going to be able to solve every one of your computer issues, but it is certainly a handy tool to have installed to use as your first port of call. With automatic problem solving just a few clicks away, using the guided wizards is far preferable to searching the Microsoft site for potential solutions.

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