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PREDATOR v3.6.4.646 (32-bit)

Turn any USB flash drive into a key that will lock your PC when you're away

Operating Systems:
Windows 10, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Trial Software
Richard Goutorbe
Software Cost:
$10.00 (Windows)
Date Updated:
21 June 2016
Downloads To Date:
English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese
Download Size:
2.65 MB

If you use your PC or laptop in a busy environment, with many strangers around, then protecting your privacy can be a challenge. Leave the system unattended, for instance, and you'll want to prevent others from accessing it - but how?

The standard Windows solution is to lock your PC (press Ctrl+Alt+Del, select Lock This Computer), which means you can't continue without entering a password. But that can be bypassed if a snooper has some time. And if they don't, they can discover the password later by simply watching over your shoulder as you re-enter it.

PREDATOR offers a simpler, safer way. This smart tool creates a tiny lock file on a USB flash drive that you leave plugged in to your PC. When you want to take a break, just take the USB key with you, and in a few seconds PREDATOR detects it's gone and blanks the screen. Plug it back in again when you return, PREDATOR restores the screen and you carry on where you left off. It's all very easy, and there's no need to ever enter your system password.

Of course this does mean the USB flash drive is suddenly very important - what if you lose it? Fortunately PREDATOR provides a "Plan B" to cover such emergencies. If the USB key disappears, or doesn't work for whatever reason, then you can enter a separate PREDATOR password to restore access to your system. Snoopers could try the same "back door", but any failed password attempts are logged and shown to you when you return - if someone's tried to break in, then PREDATOR will make sure you know about it right away.

Version (Changelog):

Maintenance release: enhanced application robustness to tolerate some file system consistency issues.


A very quick and easy way to preserve your PCs privacy

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