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Auslogics BitReplica

Protect your PC's most important files with this easy-to-use backup tool

Operating Systems:
Windows 10, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8
Trial Software
Software Cost:
$19.95 (Windows)
Backup & Recovery
Date Updated:
10 October 2023
Downloads To Date:
Download Size:
5.16 MB

Auslogics BitReplica is capable and straightforward backup tool which makes it easy to protect your most important files from disaster.

The program has a list of predefined backup sources, for instance, so if you'd like to back up your Firefox profile, Internet Explorer favourites, Documents folder and so on then it's as easy as checking a box. (Although you can add other custom folders, too.)

BitReplica also offers a good selection of backup types: simple backup, exact backup (obsolete files are removed from the destination folder), and full, incremental or differential backups. A simple scheduler allows you to run the job manually, hourly, daily or weekly. And there are a few useful configuration options: you get some predefined "exclude" file filters; the program is able to back up alternate data streams; and you can have specific applications run before and after the backup job runs.

Your backup can then be saved locally, of course. But that's just the start. You can also store it on a local drive, upload it to or SkyDrive, even (at extra cost) use Auslogics own cloud storage service.

There are also a few down sides, though.

You're only able to choose particular folders to back up, for instance - it's not possible to select specific files within a folder.

There's no support for saving your backup to optical discs or an FTP server.

And there are no options to compress, encrypt or password-protect your archive.

Still, Auslogics BitReplica is fast and very easy to use, and if your needs are simple then it could make an excellent backup choice.

BitReplica brings these changes (since the above review):

- Fixed all known bugs.


It has some limitations - you can't select specific files to back up, only folders; and archives can't be encrypted - but BitReplica's and SkyDrive support is worth having, and the program's speed and ease of use means it's still worth a try

Your Comments & Opinion

No longer freeware
21 May 2013 18:08, M. Crewe
BitReplica is no longer freeware. It comes as a 90-day trial, and cost $19.99 to purchase. reply:

Thanks. We've updated the article to reflect the change.

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