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Tweak-SSD Free 2.0.70

Get more ideas on optimizing your solid-state drive with this simple tool

Operating Systems:
Windows 10, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8
Totalidea Software
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System & Desktop Tools
Date Updated:
24 September 2019
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Download Size:
14.80 MB

Tweak-SSD Free is a straightforward application which can provide ideas on how to get more life (or performance) from your system's SSD.

The core of the program is an "SSD optimization wizard", which displays current SSD-related settings and allows you to change them in a click.

Tweak-SSD Free will recommend that you turn off Prefetch and Superfetch, for instance. It points out that the Windows Indexing Service isn't as necessary with fast SSDs, and says turning it off will save lots of needless disk writes. And it recommends turning off boot-time defragmentation for generally the same reasons.

You may not want to follow all the program's suggestions, though. Tweak-SSD would like you to stop Windows from maintaining the "last accessed" date and time for files, for instance, but some may find that genuinely useful.

And we're not entirely sure about the rationale behind every Tweak-SSE recommendation. A couple of options - "Keep system files in memory" and "Use a large system cache" - seem questionable, but because the program doesn't tell you which Registry tweaks these are actually making, it's hard to decide for sure whether they're worth applying.

Tweak-SSD is much like any other tweaking tool, then: some options will work, some are less certain, and you'll need some PC experience to figure out which are best for you.

Please note, the commercial version of the program also includes a TRIM Performance Optimization tool which aims to further improve your drive speed. You can upgrade from within the program for around $14.

What's new in 2.0.70?

- Service release including a few fixes and some global optimizations


Tweak-SSD's simple wizard offers plenty of options which may help to improve your SSD's life or performance. Some are much better than others, though, so it helps if you've the Windows knowledge and experience to pick out the winners from the rest.

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