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Win10 Spy Disabler 1.4

Disable various Windows data collection technologies

by Mike Williams

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License: Freeware
Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8
Languages: English
Software Cost: Free
Date Updated: 16 April 2016
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Downloads To Date: 3377
Developer: Site2unblock
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Win10 Spy Disabler
Disable various Windows data collection technologies

Win10 Spy Disabler is a free tool which helps you disable Windows technologies used to collect data and telemetry.

Launch the program and it displays a list of 20+ "privacy tweaks" you can apply, covering Windows 10, and more general operating system and application settings: "Disable Spying Services", "Disable Telemetry & Data Collection", "Always Send DoNotTrack on IE/ Edge", "Block Microsoft Telemetry Hosts", "Disable Recent Files, Folders, Docs, Progs", "Disable Windows Geolocation Service", "Prevent Wifi Sense from connecting to open hotspots", and more.

There's not a lot of fine control here. "Disable Cortana, WebSearch, BingSearch" is a single option, for instance: if you only want to disable one of those, you're out of luck.

Still, if you just want to turn off a lot of features in the minimum of time, Win10 Spy Disabler gets the job done better than most.

There's also a "System Tweaks" option which gives easy access to more general Windows settings: "Show Hidden and System Files", "Disable Windows Remote Assistance", "Disable Windows Update P2P Distribution" and more.

The package also includes a "Hide IP Address" button and "VPN Service" tab. These are just ads for a VPN service, but don't let that put you off - they're not intrusive, and if you don't click them, you can carry on using the rest of the program as normal.

v1.4.0.0 - 25 March 2016

+ Fixed changing of startup type of services
+ Added option to undo selected changes (except apps removal)
+ Added more options to improve Windows 10 privacy
+ Added a new tab to singularly disable Windows tracking options
+ By default, are checked only the options to disable Windows tracking
+ Better organized options in more tabs
+ Improved main graphical user interface
+ Many fixes and improvements


Win10 Spy Disabler helps you change a lot of privacy and system-related settings, but some options apply multiple tweaks at once, and it's not always obvious what they're going to do. For experienced users only.

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