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TinyTask Portable 1.74

Automate common tasks using TinyTask to record mouse movements and keystrokes

Operating Systems:
Windows 10, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP
Vista Software
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Portable Applications
Date Updated:
27 September 2019
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Download Size:
374.00 KB

Back in the early days of Windows, the operating system included a utility called Recorder that could be used to record macros that could be played back at a later time to repeat frequently used keystrokes and mouse movements. Such a macro utility has been missing from more recent releases of Windows, but it can be reinstated using TinyTask Portable.

As the name would suggest, this is a portable app that can be run from a USB drive, making it possible to take your macros with you as you move from one computer to another. The tiny little program can be used to record actions that you perform using your mouse and keyboard. These recordings can be saved as macros that can be played back at any time to save having to repeat the same actions manually.

The ability to save and repeat common tasks using macros is useful in itself, this is enhanced thanks to the fact that macros do not need to be played back at the speed at which they were recorded - actions can be sped up. A particularly useful feature of this portable utility, apart from the ability to use it on any computer without the need for installation, is the fact that recorded macros can be saved as standalone executable files.

There are numerous uses for TinyTask Portable, from creating macros that launch programs, or perform common functions within individual applications, to creating a quick and easy way to enter frequently used sections of text into a variety of programs. However you choose to use the app, it is a great way to save time and effort.

Note, this is the portable version of TinyTask.

What's new in 1.74 (see revision history for more)?

- Fixed bug with Play Speed not being correctly saved or compiled  (thanks YS for report)
- Fixed issue with Fast playbacks (100x) not properly terminating on short recordings
- Added File Association option with TinyTaskSetup.exe
- TinyTaskSetup > "Add File Assocation" > double-click .rec file ==> plays recording & ends


A very simple tool, TinyTask Portable reinvents the humble macro for the modern age.

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