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Malwarebytes release Mobile Security, its first iOS-specific security suite

09 August 2018, Software Publisher

Malwarebytes for iOSWe’re asked repeatedly to recommend an iOS security suite. People assume that the latest threats apply to all their devices and are reluctant to access their bank through their browser without security software. Although an iOS device is far more secure due to the ‘closed shop’ design of the Apple App Store, meaning you can’t download malicious software, it doesn’t mean there is no malicious activity at at all. You can still click a phishing link in an email, for example.

Every time we use our iPhone to access the web, information is stored on the device. Malicious websites might try and obtain this information, plus it’s really easy for scammers to get to you through either your phone, messages or email. If you think the device is completely safe, it’s easy to take a risk without realising you could be exposed.


Limited functionality, but can help protect against scammers and phishing

Trusted US developer, Malwarebytes Corporation, recently made their security software available for iOS devices, with app-specific functionality, meaning you can now block a potential scam and protect your privacy. Malwarebytes Mobile Security is free, with additional premium features are available at a cost. All you need to do is subscribe via the in-app subscription, either with a monthly or annual subscription. Sadly, existing Malwarebytes subscribers will not be able to use their current licence with the iOS version, due to the restrictions of the Apple App Store.

With the free version (without a subscription), you are limited to two modules. The ad blocking module will block annoying ads when browsing the web using Safari. This also offers protection from ad trackers which log your activity. The theory is, you will be able to browse the internet faster, with fewer distractions, and be assured your data is not being shared. Another free feature is text message filtering. The app creates a junk folder to which it forwards fraudulent looking texts from scammers or texts which contain phishing links. This way you will also reduce the amount of spamming, invasive and annoying texts from various advertisers.

With the paid-for premium version, you can expect more. The Web Protection module blocks malicious sites, protecting you from phishing and fraudulent websites, online scams and other threats while you’re surfing using Safari. Additionally, and particularly exciting, is the Call Protection feature which provides caller-ID warnings or blocks incoming calls from spammers and ‘fake’ numbers which appear to be familiar and make it more likely you’ll answer your phone

Malwarebytes Mobile Security 1.1 is available right now but currently limited to people residing in the US.

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