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Split and join MP4 videos with MP4Tools

27 May 2017, Mike Williams

MP4ToolsMP4Tools is a cross-platform collection of tools for the lossless splitting and joining of MP4 files.

The package is the project of Alex Thuering, the developer behind DVD authoring application DVDStyler.

Installing MP4Tools gets you two applications, MP4Splitter and MP4Joiner. Despite the single “MP4Tools” brand, they’re separate programs with no integration.

MP4Splitter enables splitting a target MP4 file into multiple files, without re-encoding. The program displays a preview of the video and allows you to select the individual split points within the clip. You can then export them with a click.

MP4Joiner joins multiple MP4 files into a single video, again without re-encoding. Drag and drop your source files, reorder them if necessary and export the results when you’re ready.


Drag and drop multiple videos, then join and save them into one movie with a click

Options include a setting to force the reencoding of your video, and allow you to choose your preferred quality setting. This might be handy if you’re creating clips to share with others – individual scenes from a video, for instance – and would like the files to be as small as possible.

There are some small issues – we’d like to be able to drag and drop MP4Joiner files to reorder them, rather than clicking buttons – but overall the programs worked well for us. We’ll be interested to see if the developer adds more MP4 tools in future.

MP4Tools is available now for Windows, Linux and Mac.

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