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ImBatch 5.10 now creates animated GIFs

13 October 2016, Mike Williams

ImBatchVersatile image batch processor ImBatch has been updated to 5.10 with a simple “Save to animated GIF” task. The current image list acts as your frames, and you can set one delay to cover all transitions.

The “Set EXIF/IPTC Tag” task has also seen a major extension with new support for file and image attributes.

This means text tags such as IPTC’s Description could now include details like a file’s folder, original file name, creation date and more.

Image attributes are mostly less interesting – height, width, bits-per-pixel – although we might be able to find uses for image type and page.

Elsewhere, a “Save in CMYK as” task provides a quick and easy way to convert a folder of RGB images to CMYK.


You only get the animated GIF basics, but that’s okay. For now. Just be sure to check the Delay…

The “Save As” task adds more options for DICOM and especially TIFF formats. You can now specify compression type, colour space and quality (for JPEG compression), compression level (for ZIP), and there’s even some planar support (store planes separately or contiguously).

One issue we noticed is that animated GIFs seemed to be created with one tenth of the expected delay time. If you see the same, just pretend one second = 10,000 milliseconds for now, until it’s fixed.

ImBatch 5.10 is available now for Windows 7 and later, and it’s still free for personal use.

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