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Microsoft OneNote launches on Mac, now free across all platforms

17 March 2014, Nick Peers

Microsoft OneNoteMicrosoft has released a Mac version of its OneNote tool to sit alongside the existing Windows release. It has also made OneNote free across all platforms, including Windows desktop as well as mobile, although some features remain the preserve of paid-for customers.

At the same time, Microsoft has also unveiled a new cloud API for easy connection from any third-party application. The API launches with a OneNote Clipper tool for saving web pages and a dedicated address for users to email notes through.

With the launch of OneNote for Mac, Microsoft has completed the rollout of its note-taking tool to a wide range of platforms, including web, desktop and mobile. Notes created on one platform are automatically synced to the cloud and made available on other platforms too.

Microsoft OneNote for Mac

Microsoft OneNote arrives on the Mac platform at long last.

The OneNote Mac application is actually a cut-down version of the more fully featured Windows build, but includes all key functionality, including creating and organising notes into pages, sections and notebooks. Users can easily create lists using the to-do tag, one of over 20 tags available, and notes can consist of text, images and other elements placed individually on the page.

The Mac application has been launched with no price tag attached, and Microsoft has made the Windows desktop version free too for all users for the first time; previously, a non-commercial version was available. Premium features do remain in place for paid-for customers, however.

The new cloud API has launched with a number of services ready to go: these include the OneNote Clipper, a web bookmarklet that works across most major browsers, including Safari, Chrome and Firefox as well as Internet Explorer. Once placed in the user’s Bookmark bar, the current web page can be clipped to a notebook with a simple click.

Users can also email notes to the email address using a combination of their Microsoft Account email plus any email aliases they add to their account. Other new features include support for sending news and articles or scanning documents via various third-party services, from Feedly to JotNot.

Microsoft OneNote 15.0 is available now as a free download for PC (Windows 7 or later) and Mac (OS X 10.9 or later). Also available are a range of mobile apps, including Windows RT/8, iPhone, iPad and Android.

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