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Monitor your network activity from your iOS device with iPRTG

29 November 2011, Software Publisher

If you maintain a server or network, you will realise the importance of being able to monitor it around the clock. There are a number of tools available that can be used to keep an eye on your network whilst on that network, but there will be numerous occasions when you are away from the office but still need to check that things are running smoothly. PRTG Network Monitor is one such network monitoring tool, but for when you are out and about you can turn to iPRTG to use your iPhone or iPad to remotely monitor your network.

iPRTG enables you to view information about the state of your network and while the interface has been optimized for viewing on the screen of iOS devices, iPad users undoubtedly get a better deal, with the larger screen making is far easier to work with data. Depending on the size of your network you may choose to navigate through the app in different ways. It is possible to use network sensors as jump points, so you can, for example, quickly navigate to the device with the lowest uptime or the most free disk space.

It is something of a shame that iPRTG is focused almost entirely on network monitoring, and that there is so little scope for interacting with your network. As the app has clearly been designed to help on those occasions when you are out so you can monitor what is going on, it is rather unfortunate that it is not possible to respond to any alarms that may be raised by the network.

Relatedly, it is also a shame that iPRTG is not able to deliver push notifications about network events – you are able to view alarms and alerts in the app, but only by manually checking them. The app can also be used to access the PRTG web interface which provides access to additional reporting and analysis options.

You can find out more by paying a visit to the iPRTG review page.

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