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Manilla: Use your mobile to keep on top of your finances

15 September 2011, Software Publisher

Whatever sort of life you lead, there is no avoiding finances. We all have some form of bills to pay each month and bank accounts of one sort or another to keep track of. Keeping on top of what’s coming in and what’s going out and when can be tricky, often meaning having to visit one web site after another, each with their own login requirements. Manilla is a great online service that enables you to access details of all your accounts and bills from one place. There are also apps available for iOS and Android devices.

The Manilla web site is almost obscenely useful. At its most basic you can use the service to monitor the various bank accounts you have, making it possible to get all of your balances in one place without the need to log into multiple web sites. For this reason alone, Manilla is well worth checking out, but the fact that the service could also save you money by helping you to avoid late fees is also a great draw.

You can configure accounts for all of your monthly bills – from your phone and internet to electricity and gas – and the app can then be configured to send you reminders whenever a bill is due. Bills can then be marked as paid so you do not lose track of where you are with your outgoings. But it is the amount of time Manilla can save you each month that is so impressive – the simple marvel of being able to view so much of your financial information in one place cannot really be appreciated until you’ve tried it out.

If you want to view more details about any of your bills, the Manilla app has a built in document viewer that can be used to open PDF and other files. Other handy features include support for Living  Social and Groupon so you can be sure that the coupons you have bought will not be left forgotten to expire unused.

You can find out more by paying a visit to the Manilla for iOS and Android review pages.

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