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Hyper 1.3.1

A JS/HTML/CSS-based command prompt

by Mike Williams

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License: Open Source
Operating Systems: Linux, Mac OS X, Windows 10, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 7 (64 bit), Windows 8
Languages: English
Software Cost: Free
Date Updated: 12 March 2017
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Downloads To Date: 237
Developer: Hyper
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A JS/HTML/CSS-based command prompt

Hyper is an open-source Electron-based application which aims to "create a beautiful and extensible experience for command-line interface users, built on open web standards".

Launch the program and it's not immediately obvious what this means, as all you get is what appears to be a regular command prompt with a slightly different font and window style. But wait: Hyper is powered by Chromium, and some familiar Chrome-type features are just a tap or two away.

Would you like another tab, for instance? Press Ctrl+T, as normal, or press Ctrl+N to open a new Hyper window.

Individual tabs can be split horizontally (Ctrl+Shift+O) or vertically (Ctrl+Shift+E), enabling viewing the results of commands side-by-side.

The standard font is a little small, but that can be fixed in the usual way: press Ctrl and + to zoom in, Ctrl and - to zoom out.

There are lots of configuration options, once you find the relevant file (.hyper.js in your \users\username folder):
default font, cursor size, text colour, custom CSS for the terminal window, the shell to use (replace cmd.exe with PowerShell, say), copy and paste rules, and more.

In theory Hyper also has lots of extensions available, updating its visuals and adding new features. In practice this feature never worked on our Windows 10 system, failing with a cryptic error and referring to a log which was never created.


Fix Powerline fonts and invalid config bug


Fix echo issue in config pref: #1633
Revert "term: specify line-height in px": 237595c


Hyper provides an easy way to get a tabbed or split window command line. The extensions might have been interesting, too, but as they didn't work on our test system it's difficult to tell.

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